Slower Travels, Lessons Learned

Spending the last few weeks on the street once again confirmed my general approach to slower travel. While other location independents call themselves “professionals” – and, certainly, deservedly so – I am more a location independent dilettante kind of guy. Give me six months in Cartagena and (some) work will get done. Give me a… Continue reading Slower Travels, Lessons Learned

Being Idle, In Practice

Dear Friendly Anarchist Sympathizers, to gain more credibility as an idler, I took some time off to spend in Outloggistan. While this will cost me subscribers and internet fame, I am doing well camping at -5 degrees Celsius in England, eating way too hot Thai curry in Cologne, and drinking the finest (though a little… Continue reading Being Idle, In Practice

Enter “Do Mode” (The Only Productivity Secret You’ll Ever Need)

The thing with idlers is that we know when to stop. When to relax. When to philosophize. When to discuss. When to have a beer. Or twelve. And then we know when to start and do the thing we thought about – as effectively and efficiently as possible. The only secret we need to know… Continue reading Enter “Do Mode” (The Only Productivity Secret You’ll Ever Need)

Location Independence, 1972 A.D.

So you thought you were vanguard because of your muse business and your apartment in Chiang Mai? Think again. If you’re looking for those proverbial “greener pastures” by all means subscribe to “GREENER PASTURES GAZETTE”. This down-to-earth newsletter covers job and business opportunities, real estate, and the great joys of living in “countryside Edens where… Continue reading Location Independence, 1972 A.D.

Blogging in Tempo Giusto

Since the beginning of the year, I’m on an information diet. I have dramatically reduced the amount of information I consume on a daily basis by limiting e-mail, prioritizing RSS feeds, scheduling Twitter and news site visits. This diet was boosted involuntarily during the last few days due to a broken internet connection – and… Continue reading Blogging in Tempo Giusto