Good Reads, Posts You Might Have Missed-Edition

This edition of Good Reads is a bit peculiar, as it will only feature posts from The Friendly Anarchist, i.e. myself.

The reason is that Steve Marquez from The Spartan Penguin invited me to participate in this little game called “My 7 Links“. It’s like a digital chainletter going through the blogosphere, and while I generally don’t participate in these (sorry!), I found this one to be interesting, as it gives an excuse to shed light onto some of the hidden gems in the always overlooked archives!

(And at the end of this post, I’ll nominate 5 other bloggers to participate in this chain, shedding light on their archived gems!)

My 7 Links

1. Most beautiful post: Honestly, I don’t really feel this is for me to decide. But a post that was very important to me and that led to many beautiful reactions around the world (including WWFD 2011!) was Walk With Flowers.

2. Most popular post: How should I measure this? By views, tweets, comments, links? I would say it was How to Live an Interesting Life, that later on was featured on the wonderful blog of Penelope Trunk!

3. Most controversial post: This was certainly Towards Ethical Lifestyle Design. I still contemplate many of the issues raised in that post and in the ensuing comments discussion.

4. Most helpful post: Beyond Rules. It’s the post where I give away a free book, and – in all modesty – it’s not one of those lame free books that marketers use to sell stuff. While Beyond Rules has its flaws (a second edition will be coming!), it’s without doubt the most helpful thing I ever wrote.

5. A post whose success surprised me: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. It’s a long post and it says some things many people don’t like to read, so it was a pleasant surprise to get a lot of feedback for it – most of it positive!

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Very recently, Towards Data Sovereignty. I know the post isn’t the holy grail, but the issue is way too important to be ignored. I would love to see more data sovereignty – not just among geeks, but among everybody else, too.

7. The post I am most proud of: Apart from the aforementioned Beyond Rules, it’s hard for me to say. I am very happy to see that I can still stand behind the stuff I wrote over the past 20 months or so, but proudness just isn’t a feeling I have too much. One post I feel that’s well-crafted (and was published in print, too) was the one about Time Independence. Time is such a tricky matter to write about… so yeah, maybe this is a good fit!

My 5 Nominees

I’d love to see your seven links! (Of course I know that this format isn’t a good fit for everybody, so no stress about it!)

Most of my nominees publish at a comparatively slow pace, but this leads to some very thought-provoking and well-crafted writings, which is why they are nominated!

Their archives are real treasures, with many (many!) goldmines to uncover, both of inspiration and of practical information. Be sure to check them out!

For now, thanks a lot Steve, for inviting me to participate!


  1. Thanks for taking part Fabian. I must admit, my first thought when I was nominated was ‘no’. Luckily I listened to my second thought which said “why not, it might be fun” – and it was.

    I certainly agree with your ‘most helpful post’ nomination – I found ‘Beyond Rules’ to be really inspirational.

    You’ve also nominated some of my favourite bloggers to take part – I hope they do.


    1. Thanks, Steve! (Apparently, comments are working after all! But there still might be some trouble in the background… Hope they’ll fix that soon!)

  2. I remember quite well the Time Independence article. I’m in a time of desperation with job and college. I want to quit college but i’m not allowed. I know it’s a matter of time before i collapse, tonight i tried to sleep and stayied awake for 4 hours. Tried to drink alcohol and didn’t help, 2 hours later i’ve seen no choice and took my first Clonazepan in my life. It wasn’t the smart thing, but i really had no choice. I’m working like a zombie right now, and i’m pissed off.
    My guitar practices stopped, my future is blurred by these insane values of the modern society.

    1. Hey Cristhyano, that doesn’t sound any good at all! I really hope things will develop better in the near future! If there’s any way to help, please be in touch!

  3. I really like the layout of your site. It’s also inspiring to see you are working very hard to create a special life for yourself.

    I’m a blogger too, but my niche is a bit funny.

    1. Thanks Tony! That’s a funny niche indeed, but I suppose there’s a huge demand for it! :)

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