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Link: Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

In order to be more productive, I decided to relax and let Tony Schwarz write this article for me: In most workplaces, rewards still accrue to those who push the hardest and most continuously over time. But that doesn’t mean they’re the most productive. This is essential reading. Lots of studies pointing to the advantages […]

Kamil Tusznio At Work: The two-sessions workday

Sandy’s finally slowing down a bit, and I hope all of my US readers are safe and dry, and ideally even enjoy working electricity! It’s At Work day again here at The Friendly Anarchist. Today’s guest is Kamil Tusznio, an indie web and mobile software engineer, and I’m extremely happy to welcome him! By the […]

At Work – The Announcement

Have you ever met a super producer? Someone who builds, launches and ships product after product, with an ever-improving quality? Or have you admired the relaxed entrepreneurs, who build a small but lucrative business while having lots of time for their family and hobbies? How about the anywheres, the people I interviewed for my e-guide, […]