Srinivas Rao At Work: “World War III is not gonna erupt in your inbox”

Srinivas RaoAfter an excellent start of this series with Joel Runyon, I’m happy to publish the second At Work interview today. In an extremely interesting conversation we had via Skype, Srinivas Rao from Blogcast FM and The Skool of Life talks about distraction-free writing, the 80% crap ratio, and how he finds the fuel to his creative fire.

Listen in to the recording of our conversation right here: Srinivas Rao At Work – Interview

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Links and Resources

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the interview:


    1. Thanks Ben, I’m really glad to hear that. Especially as the work you do yourself is some of the best design on the web! The logo was a tough one, but I’m happy with how it turned out. :)

  1. Great interview Fabian, with a beautiful transcript to go along with it. Nice.

    Thanks for pointing out Michael Moynihan piece on Jonathan Lehrer’s Imagine book. Lehrer’s codas mesh disciplines that many feel should only be viewed apart. This aspect of his work is open to debate. What is not open is his plagiarism.

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