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Health Insurance

Health insurance is sleeping in. Health insurance is saying yes to boredom, and taking it from there. Health insurance is asking our bodies how we feel, not just our doctors. Health insurance is meeting friends for a long walk or an extended dinner at least once per week. Health insurance is stopping, looking at what […]

Link: Can We Make Ourselves Happier?

Sure can. Few surprises in this article (even in the “surprising findings” section), but maybe a few things to comment on: “In order to lead a happy life, a rewarding life, you need to be active,” says Veenhoven. “So involvement is more important to happiness than knowing the why, why we are here.” Good to […]

Link: Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

In order to be more productive, I decided to relax and let Tony Schwarz write this article for me: In most workplaces, rewards still accrue to those who push the hardest and most continuously over time. But that doesn’t mean they’re the most productive. This is essential reading. Lots of studies pointing to the advantages […]