Vulnerable by Choice

“In the safest, most boring country, the worst lone gunman shooting happens. The worst in the world, in history. But it will not make our country worse. The safe, boring democracy will supply him with a defense lawyer as is his right. He will not get more than 21 years in prison as is the… Continue reading Vulnerable by Choice

Health Insurance

Health insurance is sleeping in. Health insurance is saying yes to boredom, and taking it from there. Health insurance is asking our bodies how we feel, not just our doctors. Health insurance is meeting friends for a long walk or an extended dinner at least once per week. Health insurance is stopping, looking at what… Continue reading Health Insurance

Stray Thoughts: Workday Walks

Here’s a photo from early Friday afternoon, my last workday this week: I took a wonderful 2-hour walk in the rare Winter sun, enjoying the forest and the sea shore.1 An easy thing to do, even when you’re working and it’s 2pm. Or so it should be. In reality, too many people still are confined… Continue reading Stray Thoughts: Workday Walks