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Experiment as Method: A New Room in My House

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Ralph Waldo Emerson Old Ralph Waldo cuts it once again. Its’s time for some more experimentation in my life, and it will happen on the web! For quite some time already had I pondered to radically expand the visuals category here on the […]

Nightowlism: The First Two Weeks

It’s 11:24pm and I am working. I must be doing something right. In three words, nightowlism is awesome. It’s also quite challenging, to be honest. Here are a few remarks, two weeks into my experiment of working at night. Get earplugs. The first day was… well, the first day. Highly motivated, highly engaged. I got […]

Deliberately Dilettante

There certainly is a case to be made for experts. When it comes to heart surgery, I absolutely want the doctor to be a specialist, an expert, and to know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t want to have it done by a heart surgery enthusiast that discusses days and nights in online bulletin boards about […]