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Cheat Days

This is my first Moderate Proposal for Daunting, Delightful and Dilettantish Deeds to Pursue in 2014. See the introduction. I’m not a user ((Is that even the right word? Can you be a “diet user”? An adherent? A fan?)) of Tim Ferriss’ diet – or any diet, really, apart from using common sense ((What’s common sense? […]

Excuse Club

The first rule of Excuse Club is: You must talk about Excuse Club. Excuse Club is the dark and muddy basement where you lock up your dreams in order to tell yourself that you’ll deal with them later. And while you feel forgotten and abandoned down there, truth is that you’re never really on your […]

Why You Should Reduce Your Working Hours

The sea is like work: There’s enough for everybody. —Farin Urlaub, Am Strand (“At the Beach”) The term transition originates in the 16th century and is derived from the Latin verb transire, “to go across”. On the one hand, this seems adequate as I “went across” to live on an island this summer. On the […]