Pieces of Oslo

I didn’t find myself able (yet?) to distill the usual “10 Lessons I Learnt from Traveling to Oslo” kind of post, but what I can say for now is this:

  • Oslo is a beautiful city.
  • It is also extremely expensive. I was never happier about my carry-on bottle of rum.
  • Eat more cakes. They are delicious and, interestingly, the cheapest thing we could find in the whole city.
  • I don’t know what they put on their lawn (Milo: “Shite?”), but I do know how it smells (Milo: “Shite!”). Not a good idea to give the whole city an aroma of, well, shite.
  • The end of the world is actually not the end of the world.
  • Meeting your blogging friends in real life is a great experience. It feels like a natural extension of what we’re doing here and we need more of it.

More information? Michael’s portrait party, Milo’s photos and, of course, Milo’s video diary of our trip!


  1. Great pics!!! Love the first, the b/w very much. And the second. And the third. Aw, all of them.

    “Carry-on bottle”? Is that something like a “Flachmann”? Got that always with me as well ;)

    I recently met a woman I chatted with for a while via facebook, it was a great experience and very exciting, we are really developing a friendship now! Natural extension is just what it is.

    1. Thanks Kerstin!

      Actually, my carry-on bottle is a full-sized bottle of rum. (See Michael’s drawing here! :)) The reasoning behind it is that traveling with fine booze is always a good way to make friends and give something back to the kind people you meet on the road (as long as they’re not anti-alcoholics). In Norway, this is even more important, as alcohol is so expensive!

      Talking about meeting online peers, we should meet up at last, don’t you think?! :)

  2. I’ve been to the island of Römö in Denmark the last couple of days, so I know what you mean talking about the prices of food and drink.

    Meeting up: Definitely! And don’t forget the booze! I’ll bring some fine stuff, too.
    We just need to find the right time and place.
    Where are you based at the moment? What are your travel plans for the upcoming months?

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