More browser, less Facebook

Jason Kottke links to a worthwhile piece on Mashable (of all things). If you want to make the internet better in 2018, it states, stop getting your stories on Facebook and start to…:

Use your browser bar.*

[*Or bookmarked websites.]

That’s it.

Literally, all you need to do: Type in web addresses. Use autofill! Or even: Google the website you want to go to, and go to it. Then bookmark it. Then go back every now and again.

Instead of reading stories that get to you because they’re popular, or just happen to be in your feed at that moment, you’ll read stories that get to you because you chose to go to them. 

And while we’re RSS people more than bookmarks people here on TFA, I still wanted to second that recommendation. Of course, you already know that. But help a friend. Help your mum. Show them the beauty of the indieweb and assist them get off their social media drugs.

P.S. Austin Kleon on the matter: