How to Leave No Trace

Do things like the gatekeepers tell you to do them. Think in the ways your textbooks teach you. Write about what everybody writes about. Comment on big blogs only. Retweet the usual influencers. Please a huge audience. Don’t try to be original, and if you do, be original in a foreseeable manner.

Also, lick everybody’s ass a lot, because maybe one day you’ll need a favor.

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  1. Bad. Ass.

    Not to kiss your ass or anything, but I’m glad *someone* thinks this way. In the niche I’m in (personal development), I see a lot of the same content recycled over and over again. It’s kind of eerie.

    1. Hey Brittney! You’re welcome to create your life plan based on this! ;)
      Leaving irony behind, glad to have you here! :)

  2. ha! i love the sarcasm here! and i agree.. a lot of the big sites actually tend to bore me because i feel its the same stuff regurgitated again and again. don’t get me wrong, i love “personal development”.. but in the overarching “you” voice that is always written, i feel it gets a bit cheesy at times and like i’ve read this how many times in self-help books? :P (i actually LIKE reading self-help books, though)

    you’ve got yourself an interesting blog here! never considered myself an anarchist but i guess in your sense of the word, i am. :) i’m also pursuing a freelance writing/location independent career. will be traveling thru it all!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Floreta. Actually, my feelings towards PD are pretty similar to yours – it’s not that I don’t like it, but sometimes it just gets too much.
      Anarchism has gotten a lot of bad press, and that’s probably because there doesn’t exist any clear definition of what it really is. In the sense of the word, it only means absence of rulers (not: of rules!). While it is seen today often as being anti-statist, to Aristotle it meant a form of government like the one we call democracy nowadays.
      To me, it means living on your own terms, under your own responsibility, taking life in your hands and achieve freedom and happiness in what you are doing, without suppressing others. Pursuing a renegdade career can well be a part of that! :)

  3. When I read the title I thought you were going to talk about something else. You see, “Leave No Trace” also refers to the virtue of cleaning up after oneself and causing minimal impact to the environment when hiking, camping, etc. So I experienced a bit of whiplash when I read the post :)

    1. Lawrence, that’s a fun coincidence – thanks for the info! I just googled the term and there are quite a lot of sites referring to the camping/hiking rule. Seems to be agood recommendation… I hope to not confuse any outdoor fans with this post, but hopefully it’s really more like a (positive) whiplash! ;)

  4. Hey Fabian,

    Great post… in fact, I’ve just been surfing the blog scene a bit and even the “live life on your terms” sites out there are starting to sound more and more alike! Be authentic, be remarkable, design your own life on your terms… and here’s the step by step blueprint to do it :)

    It’s time to leave a trace!

  5. Fabian –

    Simple, and to the point. I like it.

    I’m like Floreta above….and like you as well in my views toward PD. I think we could all do well to be more authentic to our true selves. It’s not about what other people expect you to do or want you to do so you can be successful. The thing is, while people can give you their advice, which at times may be very good, there is no one way to live your life or achieve success. We’re all on our individual sojourn and it’s up to each and every one of us to follow a path that is in alignment with our true self.

  6. Ricardo and Nate, thanks for your comments, guys! So true, time to leave a trace – but on our own way! I’m glad to have you guys as readers here… inspiration is what keeps me moving!

  7. At the risk of leaving a easy-cheesy comment: You got me at Oolong tea!

    Curious by the coupling of friendly anarchy, I traipsed over here via the comment (concerning palatable teas) you left at one of my fav blogs, “Barefoot Geek.’ And let me say, I love what you’ve done with this place. Seriously. You’ve offer the components of what I enjoy reading about without all the buzzwords and aimless profanity – tell me, why is that stuff considered “hip?”

    Anyway, I’m eager to read your entry, “Beyond Lifestyle Design.” So far in your writing, I haven’t tripped over one muttering urging me to “kick ass,” “pursue my passion,” or commit to total “transparency.”

    Praise you.

    I’m subscribing,

    1. Jean, I am so happy to read that! Good to see that my kick ass approach of full transparency in pursuing my passion is working! (Sorry, could not resist! ;)
      Now, seriously, I know what you mean and I’m glad you see a difference here. While I can give no “no buzzwords” guarantee, I’m trying and giving my best. Thanks for your words!

  8. It’s little posts like this one that illustrate why I love this blog so much.

    I’d also add: “Don’t ask questions” and “Dilute your opinion on something for fear of offending someone.”

    Keep ’em coming Fabian! You’ve got us hooked.

    1. Oh yes, “don’t ask questions” definitely helps! It feels soooo good to know all the answers right from the start… ;)

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