While you wring hands over what it all means, we are trying to change the world, build relationships and communities. Are we naive? Possibly. We prefer a world of naive dreamers to cynical observers. […] We are gamblers, believing in the value of risking everything for the sake of our “foolish” dreams and schemes.

Today, instead of musing idly on idle musings, I invite you to visit the Lebenskünstler blog by Randall Szott and read his “Draft of a manifesto written in defense of a group of people that did not ask for my defense, using words they would not use and engaging people they ignore”. It’s less than 300 words long, so it fits well into this series, and if afterwards you’re craving for more, feel free to look around his delightful website or read my (probably way too) long post on deliberate dilettantism from yesterday.

The Idle Musings are short posts of 300 words maximum. They are published on The Friendly Anarchist every other Tuesday. Grab the RSS feed to get them right into your reader.

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