How To Become a Productive Night Owl

Looking at the beautiful Cartagena afternoon sky and getting run over by a truck would be a sweet form to die. That said, I’m glad I managed to escape the truck this time and will consider using the sidewalk for future sky appreciation. Maybe there was another reason for my distractedness, though, as I was… Continue reading How To Become a Productive Night Owl

Nightowlism: The First Two Weeks

It’s 11:24pm and I am working. I must be doing something right. In three words, nightowlism is awesome. It’s also quite challenging, to be honest. Here are a few remarks, two weeks into my experiment of working at night. Get earplugs. The first day was… well, the first day. Highly motivated, highly engaged. I got… Continue reading Nightowlism: The First Two Weeks

The (Un)Productive Night Owl: An Experiment

If the early bird catches the worm, the best thing the worm can do is to sleep in, and leave his home late in the evening – until he gets caught by a night owl, that is. Yet although there are probably more people that prefer staying up late over getting up early, our society… Continue reading The (Un)Productive Night Owl: An Experiment

Luck Favours the Procrastinator

As I happen to find myself on a (more or less) unvoluntary trip to the internet-free countryside (more on that soon…), I haven´t been able to get new posts written for you guys. So today´s guest post by Rubén Berenguel comes at a great time, and I am especially happy to publish it on The Friendly… Continue reading Luck Favours the Procrastinator

A Trip To Outloggistan

Another month, another bunch of problems with my internet provider. Without any apparent reason – bills are paid on time, cables look fine – the service gets suspended. This seems to happen every couple of weeks, and as much as it gets on my nerves, I was wondering these days about whether there wasn’t some… Continue reading A Trip To Outloggistan