Escapology and (Friendly) Anarchism

When it comes to work, idleness and the pleasures of life, (friendly) anarchists and (new) escapologists have always thought along similar lines. While some time has passed since their last appearance here on The Friendly Anarchist, the escapologists have been anything but idle in the meantime. Well, actually, they have likely been mostly idle, as… Continue reading Escapology and (Friendly) Anarchism

Luck Favours the Procrastinator

As I happen to find myself on a (more or less) unvoluntary trip to the internet-free countryside (more on that soon…), I haven´t been able to get new posts written for you guys. So today´s guest post by Rubén Berenguel comes at a great time, and I am especially happy to publish it on The Friendly… Continue reading Luck Favours the Procrastinator

Pirate Girl

She was a normal girl like all the others, the only difference was that this girl was obsessed with pirates. She had pirate swords, a pirate bed, and everything for her was pirates. Her parents were worried because she didn’t play with the girls but with boys. She played pirate war games. One night, when… Continue reading Pirate Girl

How Being Idle Helped Me to Be a Better Programmer

I’m excited to present the first friendly anarchistic guest post on this site! It was written by Oscar Del Ben who writes about personal development and productivity over at FreestyleMind. You absolutely should visit his website and subscribe to his RSS Feed. For The Friendly Anarchist, Oscar writes about how smart idling may lead to… Continue reading How Being Idle Helped Me to Be a Better Programmer