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Good Reads, La Niña Edition

Here in the Caribbean, the rain doesn’t stop. For over a month now we are back in the city, and after a couple of dry days, I hoped the rainy season would take a longer break. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, and last night we had a nice thunder storm, driving the dogs crazy. (And, […]

Good Reads, Countryside Edition

So my wife and I have been spending almost two weeks now in a largish village right outside the industrial zone of Cartagena. A village with hummingbirds visiting our room from time to time, a village with stunning sunsets, really loud music, and rather bad infrastructure. (Way better than 10 years ago and way better […]

Good Reads, Back in the 21st Century Edition

Blogging is linking. I think you see this in many posts I write – but unfortunately, I cannot include links to all the inspiring reads I encounter during my voyages through the (mighty) interwebz. That’s why I decided to create a column to spread a few precious links worth your time, and also share some […]