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Good Reads, Posts You Might Have Missed-Edition

This edition of Good Reads is a bit peculiar, as it will only feature posts from The Friendly Anarchist, i.e. myself. The reason is that Steve Marquez from The Spartan Penguin invited me to participate in this little game called “My 7 Links“. It’s like a digital chainletter going through the blogosphere, and while I […]

Good Reads, Summer in Berlin Edition

Everybody I meet here agrees on two things: Summer in Berlin is marvelous, winter in Berlin is horrible. While I have no intention to confirm the latter, I’m certainly happy to confirm the former: Berlin is a wonderful summer city! So when not writing or reading, I enjoyed exploring the German capital during the last […]

Good Reads, Spring Abundance Edition

One of the most wonderful things in Germany around this time of the year is the beginning of spring season. Since a couple of weeks, everything is blooming, blossoming and flourishing and we are having some wonderfully sunny days. One of the better things about living a couple of weeks of coldness and greyness during […]

Good Reads, Booked Edition

I booked a flight. (Or two.) I’m writing a book. (Or, as I like to call it: “The book.”) Quite obviously, I had to use these facts for a lame pun in my headline, but it’s 6am and something like 15C (that’s 59F). I haven’t had coffee and my hands are freezing, so I haven’t […]

Good Reads, Happy 2011 Edition

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you had a great time during Christmas and the turn of the year. (I was told that saying “Christmas” instead of “Holidays” was considered politically incorrect. As a friendly anarchist, I don’t really feel too bad about being p.i. at times, although I hope you also enjoyed Hanukkah, Yule, the […]