About Your Hair Dye

In our world, no trend ever ends. You can still buy tape decks and wear baggy pants and publish a blog and unironically listen to Guns’n’Roses. Trends don’t stay the same all the time: They start small, they spread, they become part of the mainstream – and then, at some point, they go underground again. But they don’t end there. They might just become a nerd hobby. Or they do return: After a period of flying under the radar of mass culture, the cycle begins anew. I know a guy who has been getting the same silver-colored hair dye ever since the 1990s. It was the shit then. At some point, it will be again.

Just a thought I wanted to share with you in case you ever feel like a weirdo. It’s not you. Just give it a while. Chances are, your look will return. Big time.

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