There is something about being a normal person that’s comforting. I know that, because apart from living frugally in the Caribbean as a self-employed dilettante, I’m a quite normal person, enjoying quite normal things. Okay, I’m no television and football fan, like most males in my age, and I hate cars. But I enjoy Hollywood… Continue reading Normality?

A Trip To Outloggistan

Another month, another bunch of problems with my internet provider. Without any apparent reason – bills are paid on time, cables look fine – the service gets suspended. This seems to happen every couple of weeks, and as much as it gets on my nerves, I was wondering these days about whether there wasn’t some… Continue reading A Trip To Outloggistan

Enter “Do Mode” (The Only Productivity Secret You’ll Ever Need)

The thing with idlers is that we know when to stop. When to relax. When to philosophize. When to discuss. When to have a beer. Or twelve. And then we know when to start and do the thing we thought about – as effectively and efficiently as possible. The only secret we need to know… Continue reading Enter “Do Mode” (The Only Productivity Secret You’ll Ever Need)