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Ideal Conditions

As promised, here’s a bad piece of good advice: ((Or, vice-versa!)) Create ideal conditions. Before you even start something, make it fail-proof. Waiting for ideal conditions can be either blazingly smart or sheepishly stupid, and it shows perfectly how good advice really is a mixed bag. Let’s take an example… say, writing a book. You […]

How to Change Your Life

So you want to live an interesting life. But right now, you’re sitting in a cubicle in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s 24 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s icy cold water dropping off the roof in front of your office window. The sky is grey, as it has been for the last four weeks. As it will be […]

Faces of Resistance: Drama

So the other day I was woken up at 5am by a bunch of neighbors who wanted to kill each other. As they had been drinking all night long, this came not really to my surprise. It’s always the same game: Sooner or later, someone has a shot of rum too much and starts freaking […]