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How to Change Your Life in 10 Years

As we speak, Pavel is getting breakfast at the motorway restaurant Pfungstadt Ost, some 30 minutes south of Frankfurt: Rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee. After sleeping for six hours last night on his truck – three of which weren’t all that restful due to a party celebrated by […]

Good Reads, Server Move Edition

This edition of Good Reads is probably the scariest ever. As you know, I have been moving every couple of weeks or months during the last 3+ years. And I’m quite comfortable with it: I just pack my stuff, put on some shoes, and there I go. This time, though, it’s different: While I will […]

True But Useless

Did you know that email adresses that begin with A, M or S receive a higher amount of spam than those that begin with Q or Z? Incredible, right? Yeah, and pretty useless. Unless you are have an A, M, S address, and prefer changing it over activating your spam filter, of course. In reality, […]