Link: The Coming (Carfree) Artistic Revolution

I’ve been holding a driver’s license since 1999, but rarely ever used it. If I’ve driven more than 7.000 kilometers since then I’d be surprised, and this includes 3.000+ kilometres on one single trip to France back in 2000, and another 2.000 kilometres just three weeks ago, from the most-Northern part of Germany all the… Continue reading Link: The Coming (Carfree) Artistic Revolution

Writers Against Writing?

A smart line in an annoying advice piece by marketer Ryan Holiday on (not) becoming a writer: Getting published is easy. Getting anyone to care? Well, that’s the hard part. Truth, of course. Publish yourself or get published by a friend – not a big deal. But who’s gonna read it? Unfortunately, the author’s treatment… Continue reading Writers Against Writing?

Good Reads, This-Time-of-the-Year-Again Edition

It’s this time of the year again!™  Why not make it Christmas at your own pace – maybe for the first time in your life? Something like natale giusto… My Italian isn’t to be trusted, but the idea behind it would be having a suitable Christmas. Suitable for you, that is: No stress, no frills,… Continue reading Good Reads, This-Time-of-the-Year-Again Edition

Would You Sell Your Freedom for a Quarter Million Euros?

My New Year’s oracle had told me so: In 2012, my finances would finally get sorted out. Big cash was on the way! A couple of days later, the prophecy became palpable: I got a call from a dear friend who also happens to be a former boss. In plain language, she offered me 250.000… Continue reading Would You Sell Your Freedom for a Quarter Million Euros?