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A Billion Dollars isn’t Cool

“A billion dollars? That’s not cool. You know what’s cool? A million dollars.” –Derek Sivers Quite some time ago, I read this post by Chris Brogan about attention management. Chris is an author and consultant and has written many great articles on marketing-related topics. But even though I enjoy many of his writings and thoughts, […]

9 Things I Learned as a Frugal Traveler

1. Consider Your Options People want us to believe that time is money. This is nonsense, of course. Time is not money. Time is life. That said, there are whole industries based on this false assumption, and you’ll necessarily meet people involved in them during your travels. You can be the most relaxed person on […]

How low can you go?

For the last year or so, I have been living on a monthly budget of 200 dollars or less. If I talk about this to friends living in the US or Europe, they will feel pity for me about having such a bad time. The thing is, 200 dollars is more than enough, thanks to […]