Deer in Headlights

Have you ever been there? You’re all alone, on a dark night’s street, somewhere in the countryside. Light rain is falling. It’s a little foggy. No-one is around. (Apart from your two long-eared friends, perhaps.) In the distance, you hear something. You perk up your ears. Suddenly: Noise! Noise and stench! Noise and stench and… Continue reading Deer in Headlights

The Nothing Alternative

Raymond Chandler had an interesting approach to getting things done. In his case: Getting things written. Here’s what he said, according to Roy Baumeister and John Tierney in their book, Willpower:1 Chandler had his own system for turning out The Big Sleep and other classic detective stories. “Me, I wait for inspiration,” he said, but… Continue reading The Nothing Alternative

Workplaces Beyond Rules

After the release of Productive Anywhere, a couple of readers asked me about my favorite place to get things done. Over the last few years, dozens of spots have been my home and my workplace, but which of them did I prefer? As with many tough questions, it’s probably better to start at the opposing… Continue reading Workplaces Beyond Rules