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Cheat Days

This is my first Moderate Proposal for Daunting, Delightful and Dilettantish Deeds to Pursue in 2014. See the introduction. I’m not a user ((Is that even the right word? Can you be a “diet user”? An adherent? A fan?)) of Tim Ferriss’ diet – or any diet, really, apart from using common sense ((What’s common sense? […]

Action Bias

Wikipedia on social desirability bias: Social desirability bias is the tendency of respondents to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others. It can take the form of over-reporting good behavior or under-reporting bad behavior. The tendency poses a serious problem with conducting research with self-reports, especially questionnaires. This bias interferes […]

A Diary of Wonderful Things: Appreciate.txt

One idea for 2012: Don’t just make plans and resolutions, don’t just work on them and review them, don’t just evaluate numbers and goals in life and business. While all that can be fine and helpful, there’s one small thing you can over the course of the year in order to learn to appreciate the […]