Happy Beyond Rules-Day

“The Ides changed everything,” Cicero wrote in a letter, commenting on the events happening in the aftermath of Caesar’s assassination on March 15th, 44 B.C. They changed everything, indeed, leading to a resurgence of the civil war, the end of the Republic and the death of Cicero himself. “The Ides changed everything” is true for… Continue reading Happy Beyond Rules-Day

From Serfdom to Freedom

The terrorists. The government. The opposition. The corporations. The protestors. The system. The censors. The religions. The neighbor’s horrible music that doesn’t let us sleep: There are many suspects when it comes to identifying enemies of freedom. Unfortunately, for those of us who are lucky to live in the richer parts of the world, the biggest… Continue reading From Serfdom to Freedom

Would You Sell Your Freedom for a Quarter Million Euros?

My New Year’s oracle had told me so: In 2012, my finances would finally get sorted out. Big cash was on the way! A couple of days later, the prophecy became palpable: I got a call from a dear friend who also happens to be a former boss. In plain language, she offered me 250.000… Continue reading Would You Sell Your Freedom for a Quarter Million Euros?