If you want to travel the world and work from anywhere, here’s the e-guide that will get you out of your office and onto the road.

Everything Done on Your To-Do List. Plenty of Time to Travel the World.*

*) Or for a cold beer at the beach.

What would you do if your life was an open-ended round-the-world trip?

If you could travel freely, explore new places, meet new people, all while working on projects and things that matter to you, at your own pace?

Why not start right here, right now?

In theory, it could be simple. But the practical side is complicated, right?

One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is this:

“How could you probably be productive while traveling the world? (Unless you sip Margaritas for a living, that is…)”
Obviously, we all know about the problems:

There’s procrastination. There’s anxiety. The technical aspects look complicated. There’s this overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ that needs to be taken care of.

In fact, it’s so overwhelming that most people never leave. Or if they do, they end up taking a temporary escape from their day job, only to come back after a sabbatical.

Others leave for their adventure, but end up checking email all day long, missing out on their destinations. They buy into productivity systems, but none of them seems to work. They dread losing money and clients, so they are never able to relax. But if they don’t relax, they will never see and do all the things they came for in the first place!

A classical lose-lose situation.

No worries. We’ll get that solved.

Hey there! I’m Fabian Kruse, the author of Productive Anywhere. And I’d like to help you turn ‘lose-lose’ into ‘win-win’.

I have been traveling the world since late 2008. I’ve spent a lot of time in Latin America and am now back in Europe since early 2011, moving every couple of months.

You probably love to travel as much as I do – whether you want to travel the world full-time or simply be able to take a longer trip now and then. (Exploring Europe is much nicer if you have a whole Summer than just two weeks.)

But how could you pull that off?

Well, by doing your job, of course!

More precisely: By doing your job on the road. And by doing it in a way that leaves you with plenty of time to explore the places you’re visiting.

I know it sounds impossible.

I really do. And for a long time, I didn’t think I’d be able to travel the world and still get my stuff done – without having my life turn into pure chaos!

But then, after reading dozens of productivity books, hundreds of forum articles and blog posts, after learning from mentors and coaches, and applying all that stuff during my own travels, something happened: I started to build my own approach to productivity. An approach that was easy to integrate into my travels, because it was based on my own preferences – and not on some theoretical ‘system’ created by a weird productivity guru.

I understood that productivity doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or overwhelming.

Instead, real productivity is…

GTD systems and tools are nice and shiny, but they don’t get the job done. YOU DO.

This means that the core of productivity is about more than lists and gadgets and dusty filing cabinets. It also means that it’s up to you how you use it: To be productive, you don’t have to be sitting in an office all day long!

There is another way: Make the world your office.

The Three Elements of Productivity Anywhere. (Here’s what it's all about!)

The center of Productive Anywhere is the 180-page Core Guide that offers a complete overview of productivity on the road. Instead of just offering information on the tools and gadgets, or getting lost in technical tattle, it follows a holistic approach, incorporating all three elements of productivity:

  1. Mindset and Spirit: The intuitive basis that allows us to be naturally productive.
  2. From Chaos to Concepts: The intellectual approaches developed in several successful productivity concepts.
  3. The Practicalities: The hands-on knowledge, howtos, and tools to work anywhere.

Most approaches to productivity forget at least one of these elements – and that’s the primary reason why people don’t manage to pull through with them. Think about it:

People who manage to understand and apply all three elements of productivity liberate themselves to work whenever and wherever they like.

These people become anywheres: People who enjoy freedom of movement and who trust in their own productivity. They know how to live at their own pace and are able to make conscious lifestyle choices, instead of merely doing what others demand from them.

If you would like to become one of them, Productive Anywhere can help you!

What You’ll Get for $39

Productive Anywhere is the first product I’m offering for sale. It includes all the things I learned about being productive on the road, ever since giving up my last fixed residence in late 2008.

Productive Anywhere will provide you with everything you need to know to work successfully from the road. It features the exhaustive Core Guide, four Expert Interviews with productive travelers, and the (mighty!) Toolbox – offering an overview of all the tools and apps you need to get started to work anywhere. Additionally, you will get an Anti-Overwhelm Guide to make implementation easier than ever!

Here are all the details:


The 28,000-word Productive Anywhere Core Guide

This is the heart of it all, and it covers all three elements of productivity, in order to help you get more done in less time. You’ll learn about:

  1. Spirit and Mindset
    • The One Thing Productivity Really is About
    • The Five Essential Decisions to Go Anywhere
  2. From Chaos to Concepts
    • The Real Meaning of GTD
    • The Idler’s Twist to Getting Things Done
    • Rogue Productivity, and Doing What Works
    • The Pros and Cons of Establishing Routines
    • Why Working on the Road Will Make You More Creative Than Ever
    • How to Undistract Yourself, Once and For All
  3. The Practicalities
    • The Productive Approach to Long-term Travel
    • A Checklist to Prepare Your Voyage
    • How to Select a Home Base and Your Workspaces
    • How to Establish Your Worldwide Communication Headquartes Anywhere on the Planet (and Carry It in a Backpack!)
    • The Hardware and Software You’ll Need to Work and to Stay in Touch with Friends, Colleagues, and Clients

The Productive Anywhere Expert Interview Series

The interviews last about 30 minutes each and come both in MP3 format and as PDF transcripts. They feature four experts who share the lessons they learned during years of traveling around the world while getting their work done:

Earl Baron, modern-day global nomad for more than 12 years (WanderingEarl.com)

…on the many different possibilities to earn money on the road, combining extreme productivity and long-term travel, and how there are a million ways to mix work and travel – if only we are willing to experiment.

Raam Dev, minimalist writer and traveler (RaamDev.com)

…on why frugal travel is more fun than luxury voyages, how you can become part of a foreign community by simply working on the road, and how the real value we have is always traveling with us.

Karol Gajda, entrepreneur and Kindle publisher (karol.gajda.com)

…on natural productivity, the importance of mastermind groups, and why we should get rid of our backup plans.

Lea Woodward, community firestarter and online pioneer (Locationindependent.com and Kinetiva.com)

…on goal-setting, the beauty of small ideas, the importance of social media marketing, and how to be a super-productive mother.


The (Mighty) Productive Anywhere Toolbox

The Toolbox is a great bonus resource, providing an overview of the most important productivity software and online applications that will allow you to set up your mobile office with a couple of mouse clicks.


The Anti-Overwhelm Guide

This is a bonus I created to help you to improve your productivity easier than ever before. If you understand how to handle change efforts in your life in a controlled and gentle way, becoming more productive can actually be fulfilling and fun. If you are not sure where to start, this guide is what you need!

Who Productive Anywhere was created for

If you:

…then I believe that Productive Anywhere will rock your world!

Get it for just $39 by clicking on the "Buy Now" button, and start implementing right away!

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What People Are Saying

“I just finished the written portion of Productive Anywhere, and it was fantastic! I plan to tell others to go buy it ASAP.

It was the perfect blend of inspiration and real life tactics. I even had some immediate take-aways: I started using the "Autofocus" productivity system, and it's helped me get a lot done (finally!).” –Melanie Harari from melanieharari.com

“Even though I am not exactly what Fabian calls an ‘anywhere’, I was rather fascinated by the guide and the thoughts it helped me to develop. Although it was created for people working on the road, I am sure that anybody who is interested in productivity not only as a way of better working but of better living will find some really good and practical tips along with beautiful thoughts on how life should be.

I was surprised how this guide helped me to find focus more than all those books written for the cubicle generation. Maybe you don’t have to travel the world to find a need to get organized in a way that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. Although I have to admit that the author is my friend since many years, I also have to say that this book is like a new friend for me.” –Daniel Stein

“What I cherish about Fabian is not only is he the kind of guy you want to hit the dance floor with or share a giant mug of German beer with on a sunny day in the Alps. He is a teacher with bottomless gifts.


What astounded me about Productive Anywhere, is just how respectful and nurturing Fabian is of your style.  The difference between a great teacher and an average teacher is that the great one gently helps you explore and expand your options, instead of dictating what you ‘should do’ or pushing one path.  Fabian gets that, and the result is that Productive Anywhere is a giant resource with many options to explore - something you can dip into periodically and gain from, again and again. Depth? Hell yeah. Get ready to learn from a master.” –Amy R. Martin aka @PlayWithAmy

Results - Or Your Money Back!

I could give you all the testimonials in the world, but you might still be on the fence. From the emails I get from my readers, I know how Productive Anywhere has helped them – and I want it to help you, too.

So here’s a deal: If you don’t enjoy Productive Anywhere a hundred percent, simply send me an email within 30 days after your purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Buy Now!

P.S. If you want to get stuff done on the road, you have to learn to enter work mode when reaching a new place. You have to leverage some of the proven GTD techniques in a way that doesn’t require an office, in order to get your work done faster than ever before – and still have lots of time to explore the places you are traveling to.

Productive Anywhere was written to help you do it.

Remember, there is zero risk for you if you decide to give it a try. If you want to get things done while traveling the world, get your copy of Productive Anywhere now and get started within minutes!

Thanks for your support, and see you inside!

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