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Universal Productivity

“The universe, the Greeks believed, was not indifferent. The gods take an interest in human affairs, and intercede for good or ill in our designs.” – Steven Pressfield This post isn’t about being universally productive.1 It’s about how the higher forces of the universe conspire to help us get our work done – if we […]

The Loop

The reason why I hate productivity systems is because they easily become a dominant part of “the loop”.1 And once they become a dominant part of the loop, they become a problem. A problem that keeps creatives from focusing on what matters – and from doing what they want to do because their muse is […]

Deer in Headlights

Have you ever been there? You’re all alone, on a dark night’s street, somewhere in the countryside. Light rain is falling. It’s a little foggy. No-one is around. (Apart from your two long-eared friends, perhaps.) In the distance, you hear something. You perk up your ears. Suddenly: Noise! Noise and stench! Noise and stench and […]

The Nothing Alternative

Raymond Chandler had an interesting approach to getting things done. In his case: Getting things written. Here’s what he said, according to Roy Baumeister and John Tierney in their book, Willpower:1 Chandler had his own system for turning out The Big Sleep and other classic detective stories. “Me, I wait for inspiration,” he said, but […]